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There is a close relationship between human's survival and energy. All of the economic activities and survival of human depends on the supply of energy, also, energy is necessary for exploitation and utilization of other resources. Back in 2018, The global economy continues to get better basic on the recovery in 2017. Developed economies growing momentary.

Since the 1990 s, wind power and solar power's average annual growth in more than 30%

The horizontal well and hydraulic fracturing technology got a breakthrough

‘Shale gas revolution’ in the United States made the world energy pattern changed

Since 2012,influenced by the macro economic downturn,the consumption of energy is low

With the macro economy started to thaw, the consumption of energy growing fleetly again

There is a marked improvement after China's energy market pricing reform







US Rig Count Climbs

24 June, 2019

US Rig Count Climbs


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16 April, 2019

South Australia Moves to Vanadium Redox-flow Storage as Base Technology
A new energy storage system will be built to offer multiple grid services such as voltage compensation, reactive power, frequency regulation services and renewable base load in South Australia.

16 April, 2019

Exxon and Energy Department Team Up on Biofuels, Plastics Research
Research collaborations for cleaner, more energy-dense biofuels and recyclable plastics are at the heart of a new agreement between Exxon Mobil Corp. and Department of Energy laboratories

15 April, 2019

Southeast Asia’s energy majors pivot sharply to green power
In Indonesia, StarEnergy looks to capitalize on native geothermal resources, made possible by the more than 100 active volcanoes that dot the island nation. At one project in West Java, steam produced by Mt. Salak passes through a pipeline to rotate power turbines. The only emissions at the plant are the milky white water vapors released by the plant’s several chimneys.

14 May, 2019

Energy efficiency makes financial sense
If we are to succeed in stabilizing the world’s climate, energy efficiency will play a crucial role. After leaders attended the Asian Development Bank Annual Meetings in Fiji last week, it’s time to zero in on the trillion-dollar opportunity available by investing in energy efficiency.

04 April, 2019

7 Energy Efficiency Innovations Changing the Game

Over the coming decades, the world will consume much more energy than it does today. After all, wherever access to reliable and affordable energy escalates, the people are going to enjoy higher standards of living.


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